Michael Duffy, Al’s great-greatgrandfather, (b. 1841 – d. 19

Michael Duffy, Al’s great-greatgrandfather, (b. 1841 – d. 1919). He is pictured here at his daughter Mary-Ann
(Duffy) Maguire’s house. She married Bill Maguire, a streetcar operator in Toronto.
Michael and his next younger brother James Taylor (b. 1847) both served in the Albion Infantry Company. They were called out to fight the Fenians at the Battle of Ridgeway, in Ontario, June 1866. Michael received a medal for his service. In serving, he is part of a family tradition, his father James was called up in 1837 to suppress rebellion at the Battle of Montgomery’s Tavern, before Canada gained independence. James reported late to his unit because his wedding to
Eleanor, Michael’s mother, was taking place at the same time. By all accounts Michael was a fun guy, jovial, playful, good with his nieces and nephews. A farmer, he also reputedly made the best preserves in the county.
Michael married Mary Wilson (b. Enniskillen) and moved to her farmland. Mary died young, leaving behind six
children. Michael raised the family by himself.