School Boys

A group of school boys from Dundalk. The photograph was take circa 1912 – 1915.

The school, formerly known as Dundalk Christian Brothers School and currently known as Coláiste Rís (in honour of the Christian Brothers founder, Blessed Edmund Rice) is in the centre of Dundalk, in County Louth, which lies just on the Southern side of the border dividing the Republic of Ireland from the Northern counties. The school was established in 1869 by Brother Louis Yorke, and Yorke Street, where the school is situated, is named in honour of the work he undertook to help the young people of Dundalk. John Philip Holland, inventor of the submarine, taught maths at the school. Christian Brothers Schools traditionally leaned towards nationalism, and Irish sports and language were championed. When the Irish Free State was established, the school switched to Irish as the language of instruction.

In 1987, the school began to accept females students, when it was realised that there was no Irish speaking secondary school for girls in Dundalk.