Wedding group

The marriage of Michael Johnston & Mary (Maidie) McGowan in 1942, with their siblings in the background. Michael and Maidie had four children; Aidan, (b.1943) Brenda (1945 – 2008) Don (b. 1947) and Gerrard (b. 1951 – 2003)

The Photographers were J Merriman & Son, “Press & Commercial Photographers”, of 61 Parnell Street, Dublin 1.

The Second World War, known in Ireland as The Emergency, was on during this time. Although the Republic of Ireland was neutral, The Emergency Powers Act was passed in 1939, after the German invasion of Poland, to allow the Irish Government – led by Éamonn de Valera – extra powers; like curtailing the freedom of the press, extra powers of internment, taking control of the economy, and diverting and reading mail correspondence.